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Meet Chef Beau – “The Gandhi of Gluten Free”

Chef Beau is a private chef and owner of the successful personal catering company, Beau K Catering tailoring the cuisine that accommodates for dietary sensitivities including gluten, casein, dairy and soy. But Chef Beau’s passion goes beyond creating awesome food. His mission is to help individuals and families dealing with food-related issues to live a life of freedom.

Chef Beau has seen what happens as a result of people’s bodies fighting and rejecting what it is being fed. He has also seen the healing power that comes from eating the right foods and avoiding the foods that cause issues.

His one-on-one food coaching program takes the time to understand the unique needs of individuals and families and helps them adjust to a lifestyle that leads to long-term physical, mental and emotional health. He has helped hundreds of individuals and families regain their health, improve their lives and bring back the freedom to enjoy life again.

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