Life Changing Stories

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Thank you for changing my life with food

Small Changes, Big Effects...

Food is central to our lives. Many of our most memorable and important stories are told around the dinner table and over great meals.

Our clients have great stories telling about the healing that has occurred in their lives because of their greater understanding of how food affects their health.

Here are some of the stories that we hear. Let us add your story.

My daughter has been having a lot of problems with depression and anxiety. We went to the doctors but they just wanted to keep on prescribing different meds, which we really don’t want to get her hooked on meds at such a young age. She is only 14. A friend suggested that her diet might be causing some of her issues. When we ‘googled’ food and depression/anxiety, we were overwhelmed with information and didn’t know what to do.

Chef Beau helped us understand that it was true and that what we were eating was making our daughter sick. Chef Beau helped change our diet to help our daughter and she is improving. Plus the entire family is feeling better than we used to. Thanks, Chef Beau.

We learned my oldest daughter has celiac disease and can’t have Gluten. When we tried to get rid of Gluten we found it impossible because it seems like everything has got gluten in it. Our daughter kept getting sick. She grew more and more frustrated with trying to eat the way she was supposed to. Chef Beau came into our house and spent 5 hours going through our diets, listening to us and getting to know my daughters likes and dislikes in food and really helped up understand how to eat gluten free. It is a lot easier now and less fights at meal time. Chef Beau is a lifesaver. Well worth the money if you have any sort of eating or food issues.
Steve, Geneva, IL
My doctor is an idiot. I kept telling him my digestive issues and he kept prescribing different meds that seemed to make things worse. It wasn’t until I found an alternative medicine doctor who helped me understand that it was food that was causing my issues and how the cure wasn’t a pill but eating the right foods and not eating the wrong foods.

He referred me to Chef Beau because he would take the time to teach me (not just tell me) what to do. Because he is a real chef, he knew how to help us with real food and not just feed us apples and carrots to get better.

We learned so much from Chef Beau during our coaching session that our friends now come to us when they have food issues. Really opened up our world. Thanks Chef.

Bobbie, Geneva, IL

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