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My Personal Story – Where It All Began

Everyone calls him a chef. Many call him a healer. Meet Chef Beau, the “Gandhi of Gluten Free.” His mission: feed people amazing food while educating them about how a tiny sugar protein called gluten can wreak havoc on your well-being. And it’s not just the gluten that is making people sick. It is our American diet and all the processed foods we consume.

Wait. What?

Here’s the deal. Food is not food anymore and what we put in our bodies is no longer nutritious. It is addictive and the major food companies know this. All the food you eat is making mega profits for large companies and in turn, making you sick. What we fuel our body and mind with should be beneficial to our heart and sole, but it’s anything but. The food we put in out bodies should affect our physical, mental, and emotional health and it does. However, for some, it has a negative reaction.

It is his life’s calling.

As a teenager, Chef Beau knew that food would be his calling but didn’t know to what capacity. He cut his first culinary chops at a local Country Club and many more restaurant establishments before college. He studied Restaurant Management at the University of Wisconsin-Stout but only lasted a year (cheap beer back then). He was soon working professional kitchens throughout Chicagoland trying to figure out if cooking was still a passion or just a hobby (This was back in the 80’s & 90’s before most of our American diet became so processed and government subsidized).

Chef Beau then took a hiatus from the restaurant industry and returned to college to earn a bachelor’s degree from DePaul University – 17 years working in advertising and corporate media – but the culinary bug didn’t disappear. He and his sister Kitty, talked about launching their own private chef  & catering business together. However, her untimely death in 2008 delayed that dream.

Then, things changed again…, divorce!

After losing his sister to addiction, and now being forced to address the past 20 years of his own mental health issues, he needed to wake-up! He knew he was a good person but he rarely did the right thing. He thought he was invincible. He had trouble keeping a jobs, relationships, etc. However, he also always knew, since he was a little kid that food made you who you are… So, he started to research and read blogs and learn about ADHD/ADD/Bipolar disorders were all about in a world of autoimmune diseases.  Not only did he have all the symptoms to the aforementioned, a close and immediate family member had just recently been diagnosed “borderline” ADHD. Chef Beau then learned what his thyroid did and how functioned and made him very “hormonal” and/or manic. Plus, his weight issues fluctuated monthly, or even weekly depending on the stress he was under. He learned about Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism because another family member had them. While he was learning about all this, there seemed to all be one common factor: Inflammatory foods, specifically wheat, barley, and rye, dairy, and all GMO’s.

Chef Beau remembers talking to a good friend of his who told him about inflammatory foods & food intolerances and sensitivities, different from allergies. So he researched that and then spoke to doctors and integrated nutritionists (whoever they were at the time…) who all said the same thing: Remove the GLUTEN first, then dairy and don’t forget the GMO’s… Do this for a month and see how you feel!

While all this was going on, chef Beau enrolled & went back to school for his formal culinary training & education at Chicago’s prestige Kendall College, where he trained under award-winning French Chef Pierre Pollin and nutritionist Sara Haas. While in school then after graduation, Chef Beau also brought his skills to Chicago’s Blue Plate Catering, winner of the 2009 James Beard Award for “Best Caterer in America.” He graduated in 2010 as a certified personal chef & caterer. He then opened Beau K Catering with his partner, Sheila in 2011. Up until now, chef Beau has been best known for his popular private dinner parties and catering events. Almost 400 of them to be exact!

Could all his issues really come from his diet?

Soon after his personal chef business started to take off, Chef Beau changed his diet. Nearly overnight (only about 5 days), he experienced such an amazing feeling of release. Something he has ever felt in his entire life. Not only was the “H” gone from the ADHD, his mind turned off. For the first time in his life he felt in control of his actions. He mow longer had ADD. He not only could retain information, he could compartmentalize thoughts and remember them for later. Mental actions only a psychologists or psychiatrist would say can be done only w/ modern medicine. He had greater clarity of thought, emotional balance, and peace of mind. He also lost over 30lbs. The results were transformative, empowering him to become the person he always knew he was and wanted to be, all by simply changing the food he ate.

As Harry Caray used to say, “Holy Cow!”

Today, Chef Beau is opening up the first of it’s kind, food coaching & consulting clinic. A Klean kitchen facility where he will consult with you on how to Klean up your diet to help heal whatever ails you, naturally. The clinic is about going back to the basics of eating real food and learning how to ”Eat Klean.” He really wants to help anyone and everyone achieve what he achieved which was inner peace, with diet. He knows he can help people especially when the “only” alternative is modern medicine. Chef Beau is committed to spreading the word about why first removing wheat is the key to achieving inner peace with what you eat.

Curious what going gluten-free or eating Klean could do for you?

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