The Gandhi Of Gluten Free

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How Did You Get The Name, Gandhi of Gluten Free?

Since removing all the American dwarf hybridized durum semolina wheat from his diet (gluten), Chef Beau has become somewhat of gospel or preacher of all things gluten!

One night, he was cooking for a family and someone said to him “you’re like Gandhi, how you spread the word about food.” In which Chef Beau said, “but didn’t Gandhi go on a hunger strike to show his distain for what was going on in his homeland of India?” Gandhi worked his entire life spreading his own brand of passive resistance across the world. This is what Chef Beau plans to do as well. He will help understand what the term Frankenwheat is all about and why it’s so bad for many of us and most of us don’t even realize it.

Then, at another dinner party someone said, “you’re like the “Gandhi of gluten free” and the rest is history!

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